Software developer salaries on the rise in the Netherlands

Software developer salaries on the rise in the Netherlands

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In this report, we’re exploring developer salaries and trends in the Netherlands. How does the country perform against other tech hubs in Europe? Will it remain an English-speaking haven for software developers and data scientists?

2023 has been yet another year of growth when it comes to software developer salaries in the Netherlands. The average salary grew by 2.4%. In 2023, software developers were offered almost 63k per year. A conservative but steady increase when we look at the figures from the past five years.

Since 2018, the average wages for developers based in the Netherlands have seen a 12% increase.

In 2023, as in 2022, we can see that developer expectations didn’t match what companies are offering. However, the difference is less than 1%, meaning that software developers in the Netherlands really know their worth.

Here’s how average software developer salaries in the Netherlands look over time:

Netherlands – Developer salaries offered vs. expected over time