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Found: Live from TechCrunch Disrupt with cybersecurity trailblazer Window Snyder from Thistle Technologies

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The Found team recorded this episode live from TechCrunch Disrupt. Hosts Dom-Madori Davis and Becca Szkutak sat down with Window Snyder, a trailblazer in the cybersecurity industry who has dedicated her decades-long career to ensuring the internet and our devices are secure. Snyder talked about why after years of working at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Fastly and Square now was the right time to launch her startup, Thistle, which looks to build the security infrastructure needed to keep internet-connected smart devices safe.

They also covered:

  • The way her mother’s career as a programmer inspired her to learn how to code as a teenager.
  • Why a core value of Thistle is making cybersecurity easy for developers.
  • Her biggest challenge in fundraising was demonstrating that this is a problem that the rest of the industry recognizes that they’re going to want to leverage these capabilities in order to improve the security of their products.

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