Amsterdam’s Orquesta raises €800,000 for no-code LLM gateway

Amsterdam-based startup Orquesta today announced an oversubscribed €800,000 pre-seed funding round. The company has developed a platform through which companies can integrate various Large Language Models (LLMs) directly into their business operations. 

Generative AI and LLMs have been developing at breakneck speed over the past year — a velocity seemingly matched  by investor appetite for all things GenAI. Indeed, just last week, Europe’s homegrown contribution in the form of Mistral 7B was made available free of charge to the public. 

Adding to the plethora of offerings, the technology itself will keep on developing rapidly (to where and to what end only time will tell). As such, organisations will undoubtedly struggle to keep up and, what’s more, quite probably end up with patchwork solutions as they try to integrate various models. (Who doesn’t love a good Frankenstein system?)  

Rather than relying on a fragmented AI tech stack, Orquesta proposes a single gateway no-code platform it says allows SaaS companies to centralise prompt management, streamline experimentation, collect feedback, and get real-time insights into performance and costs. 

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“The accelerated development of new AI functionalities, leads to increased fragmentation, complexity, and a need for speed within the technology landscape for our clients,” said Sohrab Hosseini, co-founder of Orquesta. “This prevents the already scarce talent of our clients from focusing on strategic work and growth.” 

Shortening release cycles

Hosseini, who founded Orquesta together with Anthony Diaz in 2022, said that with one LLM gateway, including all the necessary tooling, Orquesta was the “partner for them [clients] to remain competitive. He further added that the company was very excited about the focus and multidisciplinary experience of the various VCs and angel investors who had joined to “match and support Orquesta’s level of ambition.”

The round was led by Dutch venture capital firm Curiosity VC, while Spacetime, the investment office of Dutch entrepreneur Adriaan Mol, was co-lead. Meanwhile, angel investors include Koen Köppen (Mollie), Milan Daniels and Max Klijnstra (Otrium), and Arjé Cahn (Bloomreach). 

“Due to the acceleration of AI capabilities and adoption, we expect the landscape of LLM providers and models to grow exponentially,” said Adriaan Mol, founder of Mollie, Messagebird, and Spacetime. “Orquesta has built a best-in-class no-code platform that allows engineers to focus on their proprietary product and shorten release cycles instead of managing LLM integrations, configurations, and rules.” 

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