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Sui Foundation Retrieves 117 Million SUI Tokens From Market Makers

The Sui (SUI) Foundation has announced its latest initiative to strengthen its decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, reclaiming 117 million SUI tokens worth $51.3 million from external market makers. 

The tokens will be redirected into various channels to support the growth of the Sui Network. This Layer 1 blockchain has gained recognition for its scalability since its mainnet launch in May.

Per the announcement, the reallocation of these tokens will not impact the circulating supply of SUI, as they were previously released. 

In addition, the Sui Foundation has already earmarked 25 million SUI tokens to award winners of its liquid staking hackathon, which was announced earlier this week.

Sui Foundation To Support Developers With Repatriated Resources

According to the Sui Foundation, the influx of resources from this initiative is expected to support Sui’s community of builders, developers, and ecosystem participants, fostering growth in the coming months for the protocol. 

The newly repatriated resources will be channeled towards several key areas, including offering grants to developers for building decentralized applications, supporting Sui’s state-of-the-art DeepBook CLOB, automated market makers, and liquid staking and lending protocols.

Sui’s DeFi ecosystem, which, according to the announcement, has demonstrated strong adoption, will be a primary beneficiary of these new allocations

The network recently achieved its highest Total Value Locked (TVL) at approximately $38 million, marking a growth of over 100% in the past two months, according to DefiLlama, a leading DeFi TVL aggregator.

Furthermore, the Sui Foundation team believes these recent achievements have been remarkable, especially considering the short time since its mainnet launch. The network set an industry record by executing 65.8 million transactions daily, surpassing all other blockchains. 

Per the announcement, Sui’s scalability remained intact despite the concentrated traffic, with the cost per transaction unaffected. Within just over four months, the network has attracted over 6 million active wallets. 

Additionally, Sui introduced zkLogin, a unique native feature that enhances privacy and security by enabling users to access decentralized applications through their existing Web 2 social accounts.

A Bright Future For The Network?

Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, expressed optimism about the network’s future growth, emphasizing that the milestones achieved thus far are only a fraction of what the network aims to accomplish. Siourounis stated: 

The milestones reached by Sui and its community in its first five months have been remarkable, but they represent only a fraction of what this network was built to achieve. Today’s reallocation represents a key influx of resources that will provide a new tailwind for Sui’s community of builders, developers, and ecosystem participants and fuel Sui’s ecosystem growth in the coming months and beyond.

Sui foundation
SUI token extended drop over the past 30 days on the daily chart. Source: SUIUSDT on

As of the current writing, the native token of the protocol, SUI, is trading at $0.4389, reflecting a 2% increase over the past 7 days. However, the token has experienced a decline of 6.4% within the 30-day timeframe. 

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