Cast your votes for TC Early Stage Audience Choice Roundtables | TechCrunch

Cast your votes for TC Early Stage Audience Choice Roundtables | TechCrunch

A not-so-humble brag here, so brace yourself. The programming at TechCrunch Early Stage — April 25 in Boston, Massachusetts — is gonna be off the proverbial hook. How do we know? We read hundreds of applications from experienced founders and startup ecosystem experts eager to participate in Audience Choice for a chance to present at the show.

Be in the room: Take advantage of early-bird ticket pricing. Buy your pass now and save.

Audience Choice voting opens at TC Early Stage

Choosing the finalists wasn’t easy, but we’re excited to announce that Audience Choice voting opens today, February 1, and runs through February 15.

We selected a total of six contenders to host a roundtable discussion for your voting pleasure. Go read the abstracts and vote for the presentations you want at TC Early Stage.

The top vote-getter will join us to present live and in-person at TC Early Stage.

What are roundtables? Excellent question.

  • Roundtable Sessions: One person leads a 30-minute interactive conversation with up to 40 founders. Each roundtable occurs twice during the event.

Audience Choice voting is open now through February 15. Vote here for your favorites, buy your TC Early Stage pass and save, and join us in Boston on April 25 to learn new skills, accelerate your learning curve and move your startup dream into reality.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TC Early Stage 2024? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.

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